Our Resident Lawyer Tackles the Tough Questions: Can You Pass Credit Card Fees onto Your Client?
by Christina Scalera

Credit card surcharges may be something you’ve barely thought about in the midst of all the email newsletters, client consultations and blog posts you churn out every week, or maybe you thought long and hard about making the switch to cards.

Posted: 03.29.2016
Jenna Kutcher on Overcoming Failure
by Jenna Kutcher

We don’t always talk about our failures, in fact, we rarely do. Somehow we act like they never happened. These moments clearly don’t show up in our Instagram feeds or as blog posts, but they happen to all of us.

Posted: 03.28.2016
Finding the Metrics That Matter to You
by Sukey Murphy, Dress for the Wedding

Before I became a wedding blogger, I was a marketing strategy manager for a variety of clients. When it came to looking at campaign reports, I was amazed by how many clients were concerned with their statistics against an industry average.

Posted: 03.25.2016
Rising Tide Society Weather Report
by Davey Jones

Money, money, money, monnn-ney. That’s the tune the Rising Tide Society has been singing this month as we discuss money management, finances, and taxes. (Read: every creative’s worst nightmare).

Posted: 03.24.2016
7 Creative Conferences to Put on Your Calendar
by Brittny Drye, Love Inc.

If you’re needing a kickstart in inspiration, seeking advice from business leaders or want to rub elbows with top talents in the industry, you’ll want to circle these conference dates on your calendar.

Posted: 03.23.2016
New Feature Alert: Team Member Functionality
by Yotam Soen, HoneyBook

Working with your team on HoneyBook just got a whole lot easier. New permission types for team members have been added and updated in the company settings to give you more control over what your team members can view, edit, create, and send.

Posted: 03.22.2016
How Having a Blog (and Not Just a Website) Grows Your Wedding Business
by Christie Osborne, Mountainside Bride

Maybe you have a big, beautiful deliciously designed website and you’re getting some traffic, but nothing like you want. Or maybe you know you need a redesign and can’t afford it, but you need traffic and leads.

Posted: 03.21.2016
How to Avoid Common Submission Mistakes
by Lauren, Swooned Magazine

Feeling the sting of rejection? Strengthen your future submissions by avoiding these frequently encountered submission blunders.

Posted: 03.18.2016
Lumoid’s 9 Tips for Shooting a Successful Wedding
by Jen Woo, Lumoid

Wedding photography has become its own genre – and there’s a reason for it. Weddings are special, intricately planned, one time events. Unlike other styles of photography, there’s no going back for a do over so it’s especially important to be prepared for any obstacles that may arise.

Posted: 03.17.2016

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