8 Steps to a Super Productive Day
by Laura Neff

How do you build steam at the beginning of your day so you ensure items on your to-do list get crossed off? Here are a few of photographer Laura Neff’s favorite secrets to creating—and maintaining—momentum for a super productive day.

Posted: 01.03.2017
Unique Ways to Find Inspiration
by Fabrice Orlando, Cocoon Events Management Group

Wedding blogs and magazines are a tried and true place to see what’s new and what’s popular, but it’s also valuable to think outside the box: Looking in places you wouldn’t expect can help spark your creativity!

Posted: 01.02.2017
How to Stay Up-to-Date with Trends
by Kim Sayatovic, Belladeux Event Design

Trends run the event industry. Whether you love or hate the latest trends, it’s important to stay on top of what’s coming in and what’s going out. Knowing the latest fashions and designs helps to keep you on the same page as your clients.

Posted: 12.29.2016
How I Streamline and Automate My Wedding Business with HoneyBook
by Cristina Barragan, Posh Peony

Two years ago, HoneyBook walked into my life through word of mouth and I was immediately fascinated with the idea of managing my business workflow in a systematic way. At the time, I was utilizing excel worksheets for contract building and communicating via email using email templates that I had to manually copy and paste over and over, time and time again….

Posted: 12.27.2016
Making the Most of Your Off-Season
by Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

As your busy season winds down, you should be doubling down on your business development as you can invest more hours than you can during peak season! Here are a few great ways to stay on top of your work over the off-season.

Posted: 12.26.2016
Setting Goals as a Creative
by Reina Pomeroy, Reina + Co

Planning is one of the best ways to ensure that your life is lived out rather than letting circumstances and outside influences dictate your life for you. Goal setting is one way you can make sure that any given period of time is held with intention and focus. Whether you want to get a project done in a month or you want to have something complete in a year, having a clear timeframe and a focus are important factors in accomplishing any goal.

Posted: 12.20.2016
Jenna Kutcher
by HoneyBook

Jenna Kutcher is like lightning in a bottle—she’s a mastermind with a heart the size of Jupiter who has built one of the most successful photography businesses in the Midwest. She’s also one of them most down-to-earth people we’ve ever met! She’s been a HoneyBook member for a year (happy Honeyversary!), and has impacted our business in countless ways….

Posted: 12.16.2016
3 Ways to Give Back with Your Business This Holiday Season
by Meg Clarke, Clapping Dog Media

If you don’t have a Giving Back Plan built into your business plan and don’t know where to start, Meg Clarke has got you covered. Here, she shares 3 quick strategies that you can implement in your business easily—and it’ll increase your holiday spirit, too!

Posted: 12.15.2016
How to Tackle Overwhelm
by Sarajane Case

As we move into a New Year, many of us are in that season of dreaming, planning, and idealizing the future. However, it’s not uncommon to find yourself fired up after an experience like a great brainstorming session, a work retreat, or a conference only to return to everyday life with a bad case of overwhelm. Read on for 5 tips for managing overwhelm.

Posted: 12.14.2016
Essential Apps for Event Companies
by Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound

Want to know the must-have apps that make working in the events space so much easier? Check out Kevin Dennis’s upcoming webinar!

Posted: 12.13.2016

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