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The Old Way of Marketing No Longer Works

A brand story is a universal marketing tool and it’s available to all of us. Instead of a ‘bigger and better’ marketing campaign, building a brand story focuses on connection and trust. A powerful story triggers an action in the customer. First connection, then trust, followed by an investment, resulting in a loyal community.

6 Simple Pricing Hacks to make Money as a Writer

Pricing for solopreneur writers -- copywriters, marketing strategy writers, editorial journalists, and bloggers -- isn’t something that floods creative industry airwaves. But creative pricing magnates like Kristen Kaplan and Shanna Skidmore (look ‘em up) shattered my fear of charging what I’m worth as a writer. I’m proud of my prices, feisty about ‘em on a good day, protective of them at all measures -- after all, this is how I earn a living.

6 Tips to Tackle Pricing for your Creative Business

While running your own business is empowering, it can also be a huge source of stress. You’re stacking your own finances with a business, and both have to make ends meet! Trust me, I both get it and I’ve been there. Knowing how to price your products and services so that you’re both competitive and attractive to customers and able to pay your bills is always one of the most stressful parts!

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Wedding PR: Top Secret to Getting Published

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you will need to dedicate some time to getting published. And I’m not just talking about submitting real weddings. While those help build your visibility, you will also want to work with the media to get quoted, provide your expertise and build your reputation.

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Running a Business While Working Full-Time

Running a business takes guts, heart and hard work, and the return is worth it; you’ll have the benefit of steering a business you love! While we live out our entrepreneurial dreams, we also strive to maintain a work life balance that intertwines our business, our families and other priorities and pursuits. For some, that picture presents a completely full plate, and for others that full plate also includes a full-time job.

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Answers to Your Pricing Questions

I believe it’s important to focus on two elements: simplicity and creativity. Simplicity is absolutely key. If your client can’t understand your pricing within a minute of skimming your page, you’ll lose them. Nobody likes complicated. Similarly, few people like ugly design! Finding the perfect marriage between simple and creative is our goal.

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