3 Secret Ways to Brand Your Business | via the Rising Tide Society

3 Secret Ways to Brand Your Business

People’s lives are becoming more open and consumers more educated on what a solid business brand should look like. Consumers are starting to have a more critical eye and expect a higher level of experience when spending their money. Starbucks will always redo a bad drink. Victoria’s Secret will wrap your purchases like a birthday gift. Apple will forever be dedicated to sleek and sophisticated electronic style. You need to find ways to communicate your brand to the world like these companies do.

Sara Lynn Hoomes

The StartUp Series: Sara Lynn Photography

We're so excited to introduce you to Sara Lynn Hoomes today! Sara is a photographer and one of our Tallahassee, Florida TuesdaysTogether leaders. She is a new business owner herself and we loved hearing her story about being afraid to tell others that she was a photographer. "Be proud of what you're doing. Confidently and boldly tell everyone that you're doing it."

How to Create a Successful Pinterest Ad for Your Wedding Business

I remember the first time my mom saw a remarketing ad – those omniscient banner ads that seemingly stalk you on the web. She couldn’t believe what she was just shopping for appeared on numerous websites after she decided to leave it in her cart and not purchase it. She probably thought, “it’s a sign I should go back and buy that!” Clever move marketers. It’s funny how advertising has changed. Marketers have had to get more creative as we have become conditioned to “filter out the spam” in pursuit of the content that matters.

Toni Osmundson

The StartUp Series: Toni Osmundson

Today we're so excited to introduce you to Toni Osmundson. Toni is a photographer from Idaho and one of the co-creators of Venture Radian. She's fueled by coffee and macaroons and has the most adorable family. In today's video, she encourages everyone to find ways to be creative, to imagine more and to inspire others. We absolutely love the ways she's inspiring others in her community!

The Organized Creative | via the Rising Tide Society

The Organized Creative

Being an organized creative is something you can achieve through rethinking “balance” and granting yourself the care that every side of you needs. True balance with a good space, organizing system, and maintenance routine will keep you organized and allow your creativity to take flight!

Amy & Jordan Demos are wedding photographers and educators in the Rising Tide Society network.

The Start-Up Series: Amy & Jordan Demos

We Amy & Jordan's advice for being intentional with what you're sharing online. "We realized that every single time we were posting something on Facebook, Instagram, on Twitter...writing something on our blog, putting something on our website, we realized that those things are a series of impressions over time. And so whatever you're putting out online and whatever we were putting out online, we had to be intentional about what we were trying to communicate."

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