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8 invoice examples to bill your clients

Easy-to-use online invoice templates and convenient platforms for sending invoices and getting paid simplify small business invoicing. This article showcases several invoice examples for businesses like coaches, consultants, designers, photographers, and more.

Invoices show the value of services performed for a client and provide the client with a way to pay for those services. Small businesses can take advantage of tools like online templates to make invoicing easy.

Here, we’ll go over some best practices to make the invoicing process easy for your clients, discover how to use ready-made templates tailored to your business to simplify your invoicing and highlight some invoice examples to get you started.

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Invoicing best practices

Many of us have seen a basic invoice before. An invoice is a document that lists the total payment that is due to be paid in exchange for a service. It can be itemized with different services, with the subtotal, tax, and total indicated clearly. The invoice includes payment terms, such as the payment due date and the methods the client can use to make the payment.

professional invoice is a document that represents your business with branding. Invoice branding elements include your business name in your unique font, the colors of your brand, and any messaging or graphics you want to include in a unique banner image.

Consider the following invoicing best practices when sending invoices for convenience, security, and a good experience for both you and your client:

  • Include all the basic elements necessary such as your business name, address, invoice number, date, billing period, payment terms, due date, bank details, late payment notice
  • Be sure the invoice is clear and easy for the client to understand
  • Safely collect payments using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • Make it easy for clients to pay their invoices with auto-pay
  • Accept multiple payment methods such as checks, major credit cards, and bank transfers
  • Keep track of late payments and follow up with the client
  • Use online templates to create better invoices faster

Pro tip

Make it easy for your clients to pay you by using invoicing software. A platform like HoneyBook will enable you to create invoice templates and seamlessly collect online payments.

Invoice example templates

You can use easy-to-edit online templates to streamline your invoicing process. Use HoneyBook’s free invoice templates as a starting point or tweak them as needed. Templates can be customized with fonts, colors, and other branding such as logos. A banner image allows you to include more text and graphics such as a photograph or illustration that represents your business or trade specialty. 

Below are invoice examples out of many that are available on HoneyBook for a wide range of businesses. On the templates page, you can sort the templates by industry or simply scroll down the page until you find your business type or a template that you like.

1. Cleaning business

Cleaning invoice

When you’re busy with your cleaning business, the last thing you want to worry about is paperwork. HoneyBook has you covered with these professional invoice templates for cleaners of all types. Invoice examples include specialties like:

  • Apartment cleaning
  • Private home cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Move-in and move-out cleaning

Fields on the invoices allow for itemizing your pricing, such as pricing per room or special cleaning service. Set up auto-pay for regular cleaning jobs on HoneyBook and receive scheduled payments from clients.

2. Business coaching

business coaching invoice

As a business coach, you want your invoices to be clean and professional, while also representing your brand. Inspire your entrepreneur clients to want to do repeat business with you when you use a comprehensive, branded invoice.

Make a professional coaching invoice by:

  • Selecting a template that matches your style
  • Customize the document with your logo, colors, and an inspirational tagline
  • Upload a banner image for even more customization

Other coaching templates include health coach templates and career coach templates. Whatever your specialty, these coaching templates allow you to input your specific services.

3. Consultant

Consulting invoice

Consultants of all types can use HoneyBook’s consultant invoice templates to bill clients. Specifically, there are templates for brand consulting, social media consulting, and SEO consulting. Itemize your services to break down your pricing and to show the client the value you’ve provided for them.

Include your business name, logo, and branding that will not only represent your unique image but also make your business stand out when clients pay their bills.

4. Designer

Designer invoice

Numerous designer templates are available for designers of many kinds to send easily customized invoices to their clients. Templates for some specific niches and specialties include graphic designers, branding designers, interior designers, and more.

Impress your clients by showing them you can design aesthetically pleasing and expertly composed documents. Include your logo, fonts, colors, and especially the banner image, where you can show your client your skills.

There are seven types of invoices for designers:

  • Standard invoice
  • Prepayment invoice
  • Credit invoice
  • Mixed payment invoice
  • Recurring invoice
  • Time-based invoice
  • Debit invoice

5. Doula

Doula invoice

Send invoices for providing physical care, emotional support, and guidance for mothers with these ready-made doula invoice templates. Graphics on your template can include images of babies, baby clothes, expectant mothers, or other maternity-themed imagery — anything that best represents your brand.

Doula invoices are available specifically for:

  • Birth plan
  • Virtual birth plan
  • Postpartum plan

6. Photographer

photography invoice

Showcase your skills by including one of your photographs as the banner image in these invoices for photographers. If you specialize in a specific photography niche, you can express your style on your invoices. It Include a photograph of your equipment such as your camera and other high-tech photography gear.

Invoices are available specifically for:

  • Food photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Event photography

7. Tutor

tutoring invoice

If you offer a tutoring service, you’ll want to use these tutoring invoices that make invoicing easy for you and your client. Add your business name and other details and you can use the templates just as they are or customize the invoice to match your brand and your tutoring specialty.

Create templates for:

  • Home school tutoring
  • Online tutoring
  • Elementary and middle school tutoring

Pro tip

Use the template that best matches your business and the services you provide or sign up for a HoneyBook free trial to create fully customizable invoice templates that can be easily sent to clients online for fast payments.

8. Virtual assistant

virtual assistant invoice

As a virtual assistant, you’re going to want an invoice you can share easily to get paid quickly. Use these virtual assistant invoices to get started. Scheduled invoices and payments for regular clients with ongoing services can be handled on HoneyBook with automatic invoicing and convenient auto-pay options.

Use these templates for niche virtual assistance:

  • Project manager invoice
  • Virtual marketing
  • Admin virtual assistant

Invoice directly from your clientflow management platform

A whole suite of templates and examples of documents such as contracts and invoices are available for independent business owners on HoneyBook.

HoneyBook is a clientflow management system that allows you to easily send contracts, proposals, and custom invoices to your clients online. Use the platform on the go with your laptop, tablet, or phone to manage contracts, payments, invoices, and more. Clients can conveniently pay their invoices from their mobile devices as well.

With HoneyBook, you can send professional invoices that help get you paid quickly and easily. Use invoice templates right away or customize them with your brand. Email from the HoneyBook platform for fast invoicing and faster payments.

To learn more about how to send invoices, collect payments, and manage your entire clientflow on a single platform like HoneyBook, click here to start a free trial.

Generate your free invoice template

Plug in your company information and get a branded template in minutes.

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